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Secure Your Gear

for Canoes and Kayaks,

Stand-Up Paddleboards,

Sit-On-Tops and Surf Skis

Lash-It description.

Lash-It is a system of self-adhesive cleats, adjustable elastic cords, and quick release hooks. Lash-It is used to secure lightweight objects inside a boat so those objects can be quickly portaged along with the boat. Lash-It is great for organizing gear so the items you need most are always close at hand.

Lash-It is sold as a kit of two loops.

Each kit includes everything you need to assemble and install two Lash-It loops. The elastic cords are 36" long so they work for big, bulky lightweight things like life vests. You can cut the cords shorter, and then carefully singe the cut ends with an open flame.

Self-adhesive cleats.

The key to Lash-It is the special 3M brand adhesive tape used to adhere the cleats to a canoe or kayak hull. The tape will adhere to any non-porous smooth to semi-smooth surfaces. Do they stick? You bet they do! When applied and used correctly (according to their instructions), they're guaranteed to stick. I have yet to hear from anyone that their Lash-It cleats didn't stick when applied and used properly. Once adhered, the cleats are semi-permanent. In other words; they are very hard to remove. Should you ever need to remove a cleat you can. First heat the cleat with a hair dryer, then pry the cleat off using a putty knife and slicing under the tape.